Holistic Awakening is a scientific endeavor into Spirituality to create a Harmonious Planet. We utilize the Ethical Science of Permaculture Design as a foundation for understanding the creation of  a Harmonious Planet that then rises up to explore the Cultural, Religious, and Ethical teachings to create a Permanent Culture or more appropriately a Prema-Culture, one of Love and service for all the diversity and duality of Planet Earth. This is then crowned through the training of Spiritual Masters, ones that have mastered the subtle energies of the human body and of planet earth in order to serve humanity, Mother earth and her creation and God the Father.   Science seeks truth and most religions agree that God is the Truth, thus how do we seek truth on Planet Earth and then apply it to our lives? This is a logical endeavor seeking how Permaculture can be a foundation for living a peaceful life on earth combined with exploring the great and small traditions alike and seeing the commonality between all of it. This is fundamental as we unite as one human family, once separated by diverse landscapes. These diverse landscapes created diverse cultures that helped their inhabitants to survive in their ecosystem, which are now united through the finite energy source of Fossil Fuel and thus technology which has created our first family reunion since the first of us starting leaving Africa 100,000 years ago. Every religion stresses positivism and cooperation (a permaculture principle as well), so what does that look like in our world of diverse dogmas, teachings, and individual realities. What is the purpose of the spiritual journey and how does it apply to Permaculture and living on earth to create a truly harmonious future for all of humanity and the planet, which is so fundamental at this time of Humanities greatest evolution.

To learn more about Permaculture we invite you to visit OMValleyPermaculture.com or the many other secular sites as it is purely a design science married with Morals, Ethics, Ecology and the fulfillment of Human Material Needs.

What is Prema-Culture?

Working around the theme of Spiritual Permaculture the theme of love and cooperation kept returning, verses fear and competition. Often times when I would type the word Permaculture I would mis-type it as “Prema” when suddenly it occurred to me what I was typing, Prema is the word for Love in Sanskrit one of the oldest still spoken languages on the planet. After spending years researching about where the humanity has come from, where we are now and where we are going through the many varied traditions around the globe as well as our modern scientific understanding of how the world and humanity have evolved and where we could go; love and cooperation seemed to be the next required step of humanity as a whole if we are to continue to progress. When I stumbled into the word PremaCulture it seemed to be a crowning phrase of what the world needed, built upon the fundamental foundation of PermaCulture and the history of Humanity….


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